CCES Arrival & Dismissal Instructions

Sat, 08/27/2016 - 8:53pm

Arrival and Dismissal Information

It is important to be patient during arrival and dismissal. If you help by following this plan, you will get through the car loop line faster.  The carefully planned logistics of arrival and dismissal helps us keep our students, staff, parents, and visitors safe.  

Please follow the posted signs along Quarterstaff Road.  Traffic engineers studied the road and placed signs to help maximize sight lines for drivers. This helps to reduce risks and provide the safe crossing of Quarterstaff Road for walkers who live on the other side of the road.   

Car Riders - All car riders are dismissed on the parking lot side of the building.  Car riders are expected to be dropped off and picked up in the car loop (school parking lot).   We do not allow students to cross the bus parking lot and load into their car along Quarterstaff Road.  Please do not tell your children to meet you along Quarterstaff Road.  

  • During arrival and dismissal, we expect car traffic to enter the car loop from the Martin Road side of Quarterstaff Road (right turn into the parking lot).  Exiting the car loop is right turn only as well.  Please plan your trip accordingly.  Left-hand turns into the car loop are not permitted during arrival and dismissal.  Left-hand turn traffic creates back-ups in addition to making it difficult to see blind spots.
  • It is suggested that you enter Quarterstaff Road from Martin Road.  
  • If you do park legally along Quarterstaff Road, your child is considered a walker and will be dismissed with walkers.

It is everyone’s responsibility to be safe during arrivals and dismissals.  

Below, you will find a helpful graphic for arrival and dismissal.

CAR RIDERS - Plan your trip so you make right turns in and out of our car loop.